Low moons on your fingernails — get your iodine checked… Do you eat enough salt? Iodized salt is one of many ways to get iodine, and it’s a necessary nutrient.

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I raised a bit of a ruckus last week at a women’s business network meeting when I asked a panel of health experts if having no fingernail moons meant you were low in iodine, and hence, more likely to develop early breast cancer.  No one really knew the answer to my admittedly obscure question, but everyone became interested in looking at their fingernails and comparing them to their neighbors.  Because people found this topic so fascinating, I decided to hunt down the answer.

What do moons on your fingernails mean?

Moons on your fingernails are located at the base of your fingernails, closest to your fingers.  They are the lighter half moon shaped growth under your nails.  In palmistry, overly large moons can mean an overactive thyroid and high blood pressure.  Small or no moons are thought to predict an underactive thyroid and low blood pressure.  Scientists have found…

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Domestic Abuse – When Family Members Attack
By Gina Famularo

A Family Law Attorney Offers Insight Into The Dark Side of Some Relationships.

Domestic abuse is so much more than just an ugly statistic on city records. Domestic abuse is the official name for the act of physically assaulting one member of a family by another member of the family. Unfortunately, it happens every day around the country.

Domestic abuse is defined as when someone close to another person attempts to dominate the other either physically or mentally. This is an extremely broad category so elder abuse, violent domestic partner situations, partner abuse, child abuse, or child neglect all fall under the same “domestic abuse” umbrella. Domestic abuse does not discriminate against race, age, economic status, or religious beliefs.

Types of Abuse

Physical threats, emotional abuse, harassment, sexual violence, and stalking are all types of domestic abuse. Physical threats can include verbal threats as well as non-verbal threats (motioning to punch, kick or cut a someone). Emotional abuse is again, a very broad category. Examples can include but are not limited to, humiliation of the victim, withholding information from the victim, or changing circumstances so that the offender has control over the victim.

Who is Affected by Domestic Abuse?

Domestic violence can affect anyone. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands can all be victims of domestic abuse. Many stereotype domestic abuse to be a male on female problem, however numbers for female on male abuse are steadily rising. 20 Percent of all violent crimes against women have their male significant partners responsible while 3 percent of violent crimes against males have their female counterparts being responsible. As an interesting side note, women are more likely to be hurt as a result of initiating violence instead of the man in which the violence is directed toward.

Even though domestic violence can happen to anyone, women are six times more likely to be abused than men. Even though the women’s liberation movement helped immensely in uncovering and offering support to women victims of abuse, the actual number of abused people is nowhere near the amount of reported incidents, usually because of fear of retaliation or that the incident will be repeated.

Dealing with Abuse

The most important thing to remember when dealing with an abusive situation is that you need to remove the victim from the situation. There are several charities and homes set up to take care of and rehabilitate women and men who have been victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse takes it’s toll on every victim so the faster they can be taken out of the bad environment, the better chances the victim will have of recovering from the event(s).

Family legal matters can be extremely emotional, frustrating and costly. Because of this, it is important that you get the right informatin BEFORE you take action regarding a divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, or any other important legal matter.

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Over the past several years, much has been said about living with abuse. In many cases, women are encouraged to just live with abuse and accept that fact that you chose that life, now you just have to buck up and deal with it. This is NEVER the case.

You did NOT choose that way of life, so never accept that explanation from anyone.

As Christians we are not supposed to submit ourselves to abuse, that isn’t part of the program, and never in all of the bible were you told to allow others to force you into submission against your will. Even Christ, who was hung on a cross for our sins did not submit to force. He submitted through love. There is a difference.

If you can see change coming and you wish to stay during that time, the choice is yours. But, if you see no change coming and none of the effort you put forth is having an effect, use the exit route to find safety for yourself and your children.

How do you exit an abusive relationship?

  • Often, exiting an abusive relationship simply means you get the ‘upper hand’ and take back control over your life. An abuser who has no control ceases to be an abuser. When the threats have no effect over you, there’s no control.
  • Having a plan is an effective means of thwarting a controlling abuser. Bring in support and reflect the attention away from you. If you know a particular situation is hyper-sensitive, have reinforcement ready and available.
  • Raise issues in a public location, because a crowd cuts the opportunity for violent behavior and makes the abuser take a moment to calm down before responding. Once the height of emotion has passed, an abuser often responds differently to situational events.
  • Having an exit plan doesn’t necessarily mean you use it, it means you have the means and ability to escape, therefore  you can respond from a point of strength when an abuser begins to use force.
  • Know how to handle alone time and have a distinctive signal planned in advance to allow others to know you’re in danger. Putting a rescue plan into effect means you must have people who know your situation. Do not suffer in silence. BE bold and allow others to know you need their help.

Your life is important. If you have children it’s even more important that you take care of yourself and stay aware of any situations around you. You never know when a threat that seems minor to you could be a major issue for your children. Do not leave your children with an abuser.

If you’re a work at home parent, I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to get enough rest, work time, and play time with the kids. My kids always think I’m neglecting them for some other activity. At least, they did, until I started involving them in my work.

When the kids started taking a sharing role in my business, they began to take on a proprietary position. They set up the candles for a candle show, and the display lookes professional, clean, and decorative. When they figure the deposits and balance the checking account, the books balance to the penny. The more active their role in my business, the more dynamic my business became.

Management became part of the whole process, building roles with their input and access, gave them a sense of ownership that included the end of the day results. By sharing my goals with them, encouraging them to build their own goals, and promoting family budgeting and management, we’ve developed a workable system with effective time management that means I get time off, they get time with me, and we all spend time working and learning about whichever business I’m working in at that moment.

Meeting of the Mom’s

We decided on McDonalds again this month. Since it’s too cold for the park. We will go have a big mac and let the kids play in Ronald McDonald Land.

Topic for today’s discussion is adsense and newsletters from home based businesses. Marnie should have some copies of her newsletter (we all like receiving it) and we’ll discuss where to put adsense in, and how it works to add adsense into newsletters.

I’m sure the question of keywords will come up, so I’ve asked Amy and Jolie to bring a list of keywords for their home based business. We’ll be writing one newsletter while we are at the meeting.

So, put your thinking caps on!

Every girl knows, it takes money to buy the bling blings we really want. So, our secret is, getting the money so we can buy the bling bling.

Just wanted to post a link to my Work at Home Mom’s Co website. So you can find me. It’s exciting working from home.  If you are interested, stop by and join the message forum, add a comment.

 Let’s work together.